Urban cidade: diálogo entre a Sociologia, a Arquitectura, a Economia e a Geografia‐a experiência do Mestrado em Metropolização, Planeamento Estratégico e Sustentabilidade

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We should c onsider that, if mankind was “born” in the African savanna, it was in the Middle East agrarian communities that it became “civilized”. Thus, as mentioned by O. Spengler, world history is largely the history of cities. Far from being a theoretical essay and challenging of existing paradigms, we will try to transmit the personal and professional experiences of the communication proponents, students and faculty of the Master in Metropolization, Strategic Planning and Sustainability , with academic backgrounds r aging from Sociology, to Architecture, Economics and Geography. Sociology, the present congress main subject, emerged as a Science in the 19 th Century, strongly supported in the need to understand the challenges presented by the emerging Industrial Revolut ion, i.e., the biunivocal relation between Urbanization and Industrialization. However, the “mark” of Urbanization in the Epistemology of Sociology was not limited to the, then emerging science, foundational act. Indeed, the 1920s and 1930s saw the emerge nce of the so - called Chicago School, more recently stood out authors such as Manuel Castells and Saskia Sassen, just to mention two of the best known contemporary urban sociologists. Thus, shown the importance of Sociology in the analysis of issues related to Cities and Urban Spaces, we will try to emphasize the contribution of other sciences and disciplines, because the approaches can be multiple and only through an interdisciplinary and systemic view we can understand in more detail the urban scale
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