Two comparative studies of dosmalfate vs. sucralfate in the healing of peptic ulcers

M. B. Jimenez, J. Bogdal, J. L. Burillo Lorente, C. Cardena Perez, J. F. Martinez Salmeron, C. Castaneda Bergamin, G. Castellano Tortajada, E. Cos Arregui, F. J. Athias Cunha Leal, J. Custardoy Olavarrieta, F. De la Torre Garcia, J. Del Molino Fernandez, J. Dzieniszewski, L. F. Erana Ledesma, J. Esteban Carretero, M. Gatele, M. Quina, V. Santos, S. Va, A. GabryelewiczP. Guerrero Jimenez, A. Kryszewski, J. M. Hernandez Hernandez, L. Hryniewiecki, F. J. Jimenez Perez, R. Manteca Gonzalez, J. Molina Martinez, M. Moreto Canela, V. Orive Cura, J. Morillas Arino, J. L. Olcoz Goni, M. Ortega Vinas, R. J. Pereira Coelho, A. Queros da Costa, V. Ripolles Villar, J. L. Rosado Garcia, J. Rosales Carballo, A. Soria Monge, R. Veloso, R. Urribarena Echevarria, R. Valiente Domingo, R. Vasco Trancoso, R. Velicia Llanes, J. Yanguela Terroba

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Two comparative clinical studies were carried out in patients with active ulcer confirmed by endoscopy in order to investigate the efficacy of dosmalfate compared to sucralfate in the healing and symptom relief of peptic ulcers. In the first study, the efficacy and tolerability of 1.5 g dosmalfate taken twice daily were compared with those of sucralfate in 183 patients with gastric ulcer during a treatment period of 28-56 days. In the second study, the same doses of dosmalfate were similarly compared with sucralfate in 305 patients with duodenal ulcer. Results from both studies confirmed that at the indicated doses dosmalfate had comparable efficacy in both healing and relieving symptoms of peptic ulcer (gastric or duodenal) than sucralfate. The clinical and biochemical tolerability of both drugs were excellent.(C) 2000 Prous Science.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)79-85
Number of pages7
JournalDrugs of Today
Issue numberSUPPL. A
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jul 2000


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