Towards Financing System of Integrated Enterprise Development in the Time of COVID-19 Outbreak

Kateryna Boichenko, Ștefan Cristian Gherghina, António Abreu, Mário Nuno Mata, José Moleiro Martins

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The development of an enterprise under current conditions requires an integrated approach and an appropriate financing system. The purpose of this study is to justify the replication model of financing the integrated enterprise development. The research methodology suggests that each enterprise has its own development “genome”, which makes it possible to apply the replication of its directions based on a justified financing system of such an integration. The proposed replication model is augmented by regression analysis, which made it possible to carry out scenario forecasting of alternative options for the company’s development. The conduction of the study is based on 16 textile enterprises. The formed map of the integrated enterprise development enabled the determination of their points to replicate resources in four directions (environmental and economic, innovative, informational, and organizational). The interaction of companies on the basis of strengths diffusion (exchange of potential) with the application of financial netting is considered an alternative to replication. The research proved that an alternative option can solely be recommended for developed companies and requires the identification and minimization of risks. The strong link between the level of integrated and overall development of companies was acknowledged. Asymmetry of business development in the context of a replication model of its integration enables the achievement of high results while minimizing financial resources. Enterprises implementing the replication model of integration considerably improve their prospects and increase overall development performance. The application of the replication model of financing integration under the crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic fosters efficient use of financial resources and the overall enterprise development.

Original languageEnglish
Article number50
Number of pages20
JournalInternational Journal of Financial Studies
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 4 Jul 2022


  • COVID-19
  • enterprise development
  • financial indicators
  • financing system
  • model
  • potential exchange
  • regression
  • replication


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