Towards a service based infrastructure to improve efficiency into energy systems: The NEMO&CODED quest

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Energy efficiency is absolutely one of the greatest challenges of our days. The whole chain of actors involved in the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy are not only concerned but also acting towards a more rational and efficient use of energy. Additionally, the use of renewable energy sources also reflects the seriousness of the subject and helps to set up the current landscape on this matter. This is the rationale driving the NEMO&CODED (NEMO) project, which targets the development of a software infrastructure, based on web services and semantic resources aiming to provide the appropriate support to manage energy-related devices (e.g. renewable energy sources, smart meters, etc.) considering an environment where energy is generated, stored, distributed, and consumed in a rational and environmentally correct way. This shall be attained through the comprehensive implementation and instantiation of computational intelligence at resource level and the development of mechanisms that enable the seamless, and online, control/monitoring of aggregations of resources. This paper discusses the NEMO project, namely its vision, goals, preliminary software architecture, evaluation and assessment scenarios, and also points out the further work (research, design, and implementation) to be performed.
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Conference10th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (2010)
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