Towards a catalog of privacy related concepts

Mariana Peixoto, Carla Silva, Helton Maia, João Araújo

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[Context and motivation] Data from software systems often captures a large amount of personal information and can be used for purposes other than initially intended. Therefore, the Requirements Engineering community has been recognizing the need for approaches to consider privacy concerns from the early activities of the software development process. [Question/problem] However, there is much confusion regarding privacy among people involved in Software Engineering because there is not a unified view of how to consider privacy in software development. [Principal ideas/results] Motivated by this situation, we conducted a Systematic Literature Review to investigate how modeling languages address privacy related concepts. As a result, we developed a catalog of privacy related concepts considered by modeling languages and a conceptual model to show how these concepts relate to each other. [Contribution] This paper contributes to the state of art by presenting a basis to standardize privacy in the Requirements Engineering field and help developers in understanding privacy.


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