Tourism promotion and the (re)functionalization of tourist information offices: Case study on the Serra da Estrela area

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Tourist information offices, whose mission of spreading information and supporting tourism is becoming more demanding, are under pressure to readjust in order to become structures that provide high quality information. A change from "physical access" to "digital access" is being witnessed that threatens traditional structures for the provision of information. This fact implies that the structures must be (re)functionalized in order to promote more social contact with tourists and to offer services other than the simple giving of information. This study seeks to characterize the tourist information offices of theSerra da Estrelaarea, to inquire about their role as providers of space in which tourists can obtain information, and to assess their skills in relation to the behaviour and requirements of tourists in the twenty
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Pages (from-to)70-87
JournalPapers de Tourisme
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013

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