Third International Workshop on Human Factors in Modeling (HuFaMo 2018) - Preface

Silvia Abrahão, Miguel Goulão, Patrick Heymans, Xavier Le Pallec, Emmanuel Renaux

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Modeling is an intrinsically human endeavour. While concerned with foundations and technologies, the model-driven engineering (MDE) community has been somehow neglecting the issue of human factors in modeling. However, there is a growing need from the community concerned with quality factors to understand the best practices and systematic approaches to improve the modeller’s experience and confirm the claims of productivity. A particularity of these aspects is that many related questions can only be answered by empirical studies.
The HuFaMo workshop is aimed at creating a space for discussion being a get-together of researchers and practitioners from different communities including MDE, Usability/UX, Human Computer Interaction and Empirical Software Engineering. We perceive MODELS to be a high-quality venue that has however not sufficiently reflected on human factors in modeling in the past. This workshop is an attempt to compensate for what we deem is a major aspect of modeling, as other venues (such as ICSE) have already acknowledged.
HuFaMo expressly focuses on human factors, in order to raise the awareness for these topics and the associated research questions and methods in the modeling community, providing an outlet for research of this type, guaranteeing high quality reviews by people that apply these research methods
themselves. Along with fully complete empirical evaluations, the workshop organizers explicitly encouraged researchers to discuss study designs before conducting their empirical evaluations. The rationale was to create a constructive environment where the HuFaMo participants could contribute to improving
the proposed study designs so that stronger (and more easily replicable) empirical designs and results can be obtained. Ultimately, we aim to congregate a community of researchers and practitioners that promotes (possibly independently replicated) empirical assessments on claims related to human factors in
MODELS hosted the first two editions of HuFaMo in 2015 and 2016. The number of participants, which were between 20 and 30, indicates a significant interest on this growing community. The third edition will thus continue to consolidate and strengthen it.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)728-729
Number of pages2
JournalCEUR Workshop Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jun 2018
EventThird International Workshop on Human Factors in Modeling (HuFaMo’18): A MODELS'18 workshop - Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 15 Oct 201815 Oct 2018
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