O Jurássico Superior da Bacia Lusitaniana

Importância da ligação entre litostratigrafia, cronostratigrafia e cartografia. I - O final do 2º episódio de rifting

Translated title of the contribution: The upper jurassic of the lusitanian basin: Importance of linking lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy and cartography. i - the end of the 2nd rifting episode

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This paper (see also part II, this volume) intended to clarify the multiple proposals presented on the infilling models of the Lusitanian Basin, focusing in particular on the more complex sector: the central sector throughout the Oxfordian. Thus, an integrated model of the lithostratigraphic units controlled by the chronostratigraphy of ammonite faunas, for almost the entire studied range (Upper Jurassic) is defined and we therefore propose an evolution marked by three sedimentary megasequences (I-K), of which the first one is described here, in accordance with established model for the Triassic-Middle Jurassic, limited by four regional discontinuities (D9-D12); this proposal is based on a tectonic model already established for the Lusitanian Basin, namely in what concerns the end of the 2nd rifting episode and the various development stages of the 3rd episode (see part II).

Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)459-462
Number of pages4
JournalComunicacoes Geologicas
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014



  • Cartography
  • Discontinuity
  • Lusitanian Basin
  • Megasequence
  • Upper Jurassic

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