The role of lifelong learning (LLL) in the creation of a european knowledge-based society

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In a context of global change, Universities will play an important role, not only in the traditional education and training of youth but also by providing opportunities for LLL, helping citizens, of all ages, to update and add to the knowledge acquired in their initial education. LLL implies that learning should take place at all stages of the lifecycle (from cradle to grave) and, even that it should be “lifewide” (European Commission, 2001)— that is embedded in all life contexts, be they school, workplace, the home or the community.
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Title of host publicationEncyclopaedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM
Editors Torres-Coronas, T. E Arias-Oliva, M.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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