The Portuguese Severe Asthma Registry: Development, Features, and Data Sharing Policies

Ana Sá-Sousa, João Almeida Fonseca, Ana Margarida Pereira, Ana Ferreira, Ana Arrobas, Ana Mendes, Marta Drummond, Wanda Videira, Tiago Costa, Pedro Farinha, José Soares, Pedro Rocha, Ana Todo-Bom, Anna Sokolova, António Costa, Beatriz Fernandes, Carla Chaves Loureiro, Cecília Longo, Cecília Pardal, Célia CostaCíntia Cruz, Cláudia Chaves Loureiro, Cristina Lopes, Duarte Mesquita, Emília Faria, Eunice Magalhães, Fernando Menezes, Filipa Todo-Bom, Francisca Carvalho, Frederico S. Regateiro, Helena Falcão, Ivone Fernandes, João Gaspar-Marques, Jorge Viana, José Ferreira, José Manuel Silva, Laura Simão, Leonor Almeida, Lígia Fernandes, Lurdes Ferreira, Mafalda Van Zeller, Márcia Quaresma, Margarida Castanho, Natália André, Nuno Cortesão, Paula Leiria-Pinto, Paula Pinto, Paula Rosa, Pedro Carreiro-Martins, Rita Gerardo, Rui Silva, Susana Lucas, Teresa Almeida, Teresa Calvo

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The Portuguese Severe Asthma Registry (Registo de Asma Grave Portugal, RAG) was developed by an open collaborative network of asthma specialists. RAG collects data from adults and pediatric severe asthma patients that despite treatment optimization and adequate management of comorbidities require step 4/5 treatment according to GINA recommendations. In this paper, we describe the development and implementation of RAG, its features, and data sharing policies. The contents and structure of RAG were defined in a multistep consensus process. A pilot version was pretested and iteratively improved. The selection of data elements for RAG considered other severe asthma registries, aiming at characterizing the patient's clinical status whilst avoiding overloading the standard workflow of the clinical appointment. Features of RAG include automatic assessment of eligibility, easy data input, and exportable data in natural language that can be pasted directly in patients' electronic health record and security features to enable data sharing (among researchers and with other international databases) without compromising patients' confidentiality. RAG is a national web-based disease registry of severe asthma patients, available at It allows prospective clinical data collection, promotes standardized care and collaborative clinical research, and may contribute to inform evidence-based healthcare policies for severe asthma.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1495039
JournalBioMed Research International
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2018


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