The first record of a dinosaur from Bulgaria

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A portion of a left humerus from the Upper Maastrichtian of Vratsa district (NW Bulgaria) is shown to be from a non-avian theropod dinosaur: this is the first record of a dinosaur from Bulgaria. We describe this bone, suggest that it most likely pertains to an ornithomimosaur, and discuss the fossil record of other similar taxa of Late Cretaceous age that have been reported from Europe. To investigate the taphonomy of this fossil, rare earth element (REE) analysis is combined with strontium (Sr) isotope data to confirm that this Bulgarian dinosaur bone was initially fossilized in a terrestrial environment, then later re-worked into late Maastrichtian marine sediments. □Bulgaria, Dinosauria, Late Cretaceous, Ornithomimosauria, rare earth elements, Sr isotopes, taphonomy, Theropoda.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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