The evolution of antimycobacterial agents from non-antibiotics.

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he antimicrobial action of a number of non-antibiotic drugs has been demonstrated in recent years, for example the antimycobacterial activity associated with the phenothiazine neuroleptic class. However, as with other classes of non-antibiotics, such activity may be traced back to common precursor structures such as the phenothiazinium dye, methylene blue. While the rising tide of antimicrobial drug resistance has nullified the effects of many conventional agents, several of the original lead compounds and their non-antibiotic derivatives may have a new part to play in the chemotherapy of infectious disease, particularly in the management of tuberculosis.

The Evolution of Antimycobacterial Agents from Non-Antibiotics (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Mar 12 2018].
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JournalOpen Journal of Pharmacology
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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