Telemeta: An open-source web framework for ethnomusicological audio archives management and automatic analysis

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The audio archives of the CNRS-Mus´ee de l’Homme are among the most important collections of ethnomusicological recordings in Europe. As the number of collections increase and as new audio technologies arise, questions about the best approaches for preserving, archiving and providing public access to these materials have arisen. With this in mind, ethnomusicologists and engineers have joined efforts since 2007 to develop a scalable and collaborative web platform for managing and increasing access to digitized sound archives. This web platform is based on Telemeta, an open-source web audio framework dedicated to digital sound archives. Since 2011, the Telemeta framework has been deployed to hold the platform of the CNRS-Mus´ee de l’Homme’s audio archives, which are managed by the Research Center for Ethnomusicology. This framework focuses on facilitating collaboration and user access to audio items and their associated metadata.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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