TecGEO: Desenho e implementação do primeiro Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) em língua portuguesa no domínio da Ciências e Sistemas de Informação Geográfica

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The evolution of information technologies and emergence of new forms of
teaching and learning oriented to the user, are leading us to a paradigm shift in the teaching process. Several factors have contributed to the rapid growth and spread of distance learning, as on one hand the decrease in costs of technology, such as computers, computer software, telecommunications services, and on the other, the democratization of access to the Internet and new technologies.
In this context, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), are quite in vogue in academia. On May 2015, and with Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. funding support, NOVA IMS designed and implemented the first MOOC in Science and Geographic Information Systems entitled TecGEO.
The TecGEO course aimed to provide the participants a comprehensive overview on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Through its six 300 modules, the course addressed the various components and main theoretical and practical aspects of this scientific area.
This article aims to make disclosure of the results obtained in the preparation, implementation and execution of a course of this nature.
Original languagePortuguese
Title of host publicationExperiências de Inovação Didática no Ensino Superior
Place of PublicationPortugal
PublisherMinistério da Educação e Ciência
Publication statusPublished - 3 Jul 2015


  • Massive open online courses
  • Geographic information systems
  • E-Learning
  • information technologies

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