System for hot forging wire and arc additive manufacturing

Telmo Jorge Gomes dos Santos (Inventor), Valdemar Rebelo Duarte (Inventor), Tiago Miguel André Rodrigues (Inventor), João Pedro Sousa Oliveira (Inventor), Rosa Maria Mendes Miranda (Inventor)

Research output: PatentRegional/Other National Application


The present invention refers to an equipment and method intended to melt metal wire using an electric arc as the heat source, more specifically to a WAAM equipment and its method of operation, based on hot forging between deposited layers. The main objective of the process of the present invention is to take advantage of the viscoplastic deformation behaviour at high temperatures, which allows reducing residual stresses, increasing ductility, eliminating post-heating treatment operations and homogenizing the grain structure. The equipment of the invention comprises: a heat source (6.1) configured to apply heat to a portion of a surface of a workpiece sufficient to melt said portion, the heat source being further configured to move relative to the workpiece; a material delivery means configured to add material (1) to the melted portion; cooling means (13) configured to cool the formed layer to bring at least part of the layer to a solid (crystalline) state, thereby producing a modified workpiece; and a controllable forging treatment tool, actuated by a vibrating actuator (3), configured to hot forging the workpiece so as to plastically deform the part layer.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP3990207
IPCB23K 103/ 10 A N, B21J5/00,B21J9/02, B23K9/04,B23K103/04
Priority date28/06/19
Filing date28/01/22
Publication statusPublished - 4 May 2022


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