Sustainable electrochemical energy storage devices using natural bast fibres

Libu Manjakkal, Amrita Jain, Suman Nandy, Sumita Goswami, José Tiago Carvalho, Luís Pereira, Chan H. See, Suresh C. Pillai, Richard A. Hogg

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Naturally abundant materials play a crucial role in the development of sustainable electrochemical energy storage (EES) devices including batteries and supercapacitors (SCs). This is due to limited available resources with regards to energy storage materials, and the environmental pollution produced by the toxic materials utilized in conventional EESs. In the current review, development in the field of natural bast fibres (jute, flax, hemp and kenaf) based EES devices performances is highlighted. This review emphasizes methods such as the direct use of modified fibres and activated carbon from biomass for the design of EES devices. Activated fibres were developed using both physical and chemical activation methods. Key challenges including active electrode materials preparation, capacitive retention, and the implementation of the fibre based EES devices are critically discussed. Furthermore, the recent surge in the use of wearables and portable technologies that demand further development of flexible/non-flexible EES devices are also explored. Future trends and perspectives on materials development, power management interface, recycling, biodegradability and circular economy are also addressed. It is concluded that the development of new renewable energy systems using bast fibres has many remarkable advances in device performance. For this, an innovative approach is required to develop high energy density bast fibre based sustainable EES devices which will be potentially implemented for clean energy solutions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number142845
Number of pages16
JournalChemical Engineering Journal
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2023


  • Biomass derived carbon
  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Modified fibres
  • Natural fibres
  • Supercapacitor


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