Subcellular localization of the carbohydrate Lewis(x) adhesion structure in hippocampus cell cultures

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The Lewis(x) (Le(x)) epitope (Gal(beta 1-4)[Fuc(alpha 1-3)]GlcNAc-R) has been associated with the development of the central nervous system of diverse species including human and rodents. In this work, Le(x) has been found in the tetanus neurotoxin insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP) compartment of rat hippocampus neurons in culture, at 7 days in vitro (DIV), when neurite extension is abundant. The TI-VAMP compartment is known to be associated with neurite outgrowth. Le(x) was found predominantly in neurites but also in somata and in growth cones. Abundant Le(x)-carrier glycoproteins specific to neurons have been identified at this stage of differentiation. At a later stage of differentiation, at 14 DIV, Le(x) appeared in extrasynaptic sites of GABAergic neurons, and in synaptic sites of glutamatergic neurons. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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JournalBrain Research
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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