STORM: Safeguarding cultural heritage through technical and organizational resources management. An european project from a local view

Patrícia Santiago Pinto Brum , Filipa Neto, Maria João Revez, Inês Vaz Pinto, Ana Patrícia Magalhães

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Following a call by the European Commission on Disaster Resilience and Climate, the STORM partnership was formed by 20 partners, dedicated to 5 main sites: Mellor (England), Rome (Italy), Rethymno (Greece), Tróia (Portugal) and Ephesus (Turkey), presenting the rich diversity of European cultural assets.

This project proposes a set of novel predictive models and improved non-invasive and non-destructive methods of survey and diagnosis, for effective prediction of environmental changes and for revealing threats and conditions that could damage cultural heritage sites.

Moreover, STORM will determine how different vulnerable materials, structures and buildings are affected by different extreme weather events together with risks associated with climatic conditions or natural hazards, offering improved, effective adaptation and mitigation strategies, systems and technologies. An integrated system featuring novel sensors (intra fluorescent and wireless acoustic sensors), legacy systems, state of the art platforms (including LiDAR and UAVs), as well as crowdsourcing techniques will be implemented, offering applications and services over an open cloud infrastructure.

An important result of STORM will be a cooperation platform for collaboratively collecting and enhancing knowledge, processes and methodologies on sustainable and effective safeguarding and management of European Cultural Heritage. The system will be capable of performing risk assessment on natural hazards taking into account environmental and anthropogenic risks, and of using Complex Events processing.

By December 2017 this 36 months project will be half completed. Some preliminary results can be presented at the ICOMOS Scientific Symposium for the archaeological site of Tróia, by the resident archaeology team, the national directorate for cultural heritage and the conservation specialist.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event19th ICOMOS General Assembly & Scientific Symposium 2017 - New Delhi, India
Duration: 11 Dec 201715 Dec 2017


Conference19th ICOMOS General Assembly & Scientific Symposium 2017
CityNew Delhi


  • Disaster Resilience
  • European Commission project
  • Risk prevention
  • Management
  • Open cloud infrastructure
  • Cooperation platform
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Europe
  • Conservation


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