The dementia is a degenerative uncurable disease. Giving its high prevalence worldwide, it is considered a major global public health concern. Patients with dementia need long-term care and support at home. Current evidence demonstrates that their informal caregivers are prone to psychiatric and cardiovascular diseases and lack formal support that can help them in their exhausting daily routine. We intend to report the creation of an ICT solution to support informal caregivers of patients with dementia, addressing identified needs. The academic engineering project launched was divided in two phases: 1) requirements analysis and software design and 2) software development and deployment. The user-friendly and smooth functioning application developed, called OneCare, has a set of functionalities that allows the free access to information about the disease, useful resources, medication, outpatient consultation management and communication with peers. We consider that this application may improve effectiveness in care provided by informal caregivers of patients with dementia, while having a positive impact in their health outcomes and quality of life. We advocate that future policies in this area should consider the use of this kind of technology as a way to reduce disease burden, institutionalization needs and increase the chances of living well at home.


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