SmART: An Application Reconfiguration Framework

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SmART (Smart Application Reconfiguration Tool) is a framework for the automatic configuration of systems and applications. The tool implements an application configuration workflow that resorts to the similarities between configuration files (i.e., patterns such as parameters, comments and blocks) to allow a syntax independent manipulation and transformation of system and application configuration files.Without compromising its generality, SmART targets virtualized IT infrastructures, configuring virtual appliances and its applications. SmART reduces the time required to (re)configure a set of applications by automating time-consuming steps of the process, independently of the nature of the application to be configured. Industrial experimentation and utilization of SmART show that the framework is able to correctly transform a large amount of configuration files into a generic syntax and back to their original syntax. They also show that the elapsed time in that process is adequate to what would be expected of an interactive tool. SmART is currently being integrated into the VIRTU bundle, whose trial version is available for download from the projectÂs web page.
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