Simple and Stable Dynamic Traffic Engineering for Provider Scale Ethernet

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Traffic engineering defines the set of engineering methods and techniques used to optimize the flow of network traffic. Static approaches enjoy widespread use in provider networks, but their performance is greatly penalized by sudden load variations. On the other hand, dynamic traffic engineering is tailored to adapt to load changes. However, providers are skeptical to adopt dynamic approaches as these induce problems such as routing instability, and as a result, network performance decreases.
This paper presents a Simple and Stable Dynamic Traffic En- gineering framework (SSD-TE), which addresses these concerns in a provider scale Ethernet scenario. In addition, the validation results show that SSD-TE achieves better or equal performance to static traffic engineering approaches, whilst remaining both stable and responsive to load variations.
Index Terms—Provider Scale Ethernet, Traffic Engineering, Routing Algorithms
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010
EventConferência de Redes de Computadores 2010 (CRC'2010) -
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ConferenceConferência de Redes de Computadores 2010 (CRC'2010)
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