Separation of azeotropic mixtures using protic ionic liquids as extraction solvents

Julio E. Sosa, João M. M. Araújo, Eliseo Amado-González, Ana B. Pereiro

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The aim of this work is to evaluate the separation of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane) from their azeotropic mixtures with ethanol using protic ionic liquid (PIL) as extraction solvents. With this goal in mind, PILs were synthesized and their thermal and physical characterization were carried out. Experimental determination of the phase equilibrium for the ternary systems hydrocarbons + ethanol + PIL at 298.15 K and 101.2 kPa were also carried out in order to evaluate the feasibility of this application. The solute distribution ratio and the selectivity were also determined to compare the solvent capacity of these PILs. The NRTL equation was used to correlate the experimental data. Furthermore, this paper provides a comparison of the solvent capacity of these PILs with different extraction solvents (ionic liquids (ILs), ILs mixtures and deep eutectic solvents) available in the literature. Then, a critical review for the separation of these azeotropic mixtures was carried out using the extraction processes data obtained through the simulation using a conventional software.

Original languageEnglish
Article number111733
JournalJournal of Molecular Liquids
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2020


  • Azeotropic mixtures
  • Extraction processes
  • Liquid-liquid equilibria
  • Protic ionic liquids


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