Semi-analytical analysis of vibrations induced by a mass traversing a beam supported by a finite depth foundation with simplified shear resistance

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In this paper the new semi-analytical solution for the moving mass problem on massless foundation, published by the author of this paper, is extended to account for inertial foundation modelled by a continuous homogeneous finite depth foundation with simplified shear resistance. Derivations are presented for infinite as well as finite homogeneous beams. Mode expansion method is used to solve the problem on finite beams, thus vibration modes, the corresponding orthogonality condition, reengagement of coupled equations to ensure significant calculation time savings are derived. Methods of integral transforms and contour integration are exploited to obtain the solution on infinite beams. Resulting vibrations are derived as a sum of the steady and unsteady harmonic vibrations and a transient contribution. The unsteady harmonic vibration is proven to be a useful indicator of unstable behaviour through the mass induced frequencies. Besides frequency lines also discontinuity lines are determined and their influence on the proximity of harmonic and full solutions is discussed. Even if the differences between these two versions are larger than for the massless foundation, it is shown that the harmonic solution provides a very good estimate of the full solution (in several cases perfect match is achieved) with the advantage to be obtainable by a simple evaluation of the derived closed-form results. Like for the massless foundation, also here, vibrations on infinite beams can be obtained on long finite beams with eliminated effect of its supports. All mentioned approaches are also validated by the finite element method.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2353-2389
Number of pages37
Issue number12(SI)
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2020


  • Constant and harmonic load
  • Foundation with simplified shear resistance
  • Mass-induced frequency
  • Moving mass
  • Normal force
  • Semi-analytical solution
  • Transverse vibrations


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