Semantic SOA approach to support agile reengineering at device level

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Recognized as the major deployed paradigm for business and enterprise integration, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is expanding into several domains of application, including production systems device level, envisioning a unified solution suitable across all different layers of an enterprise infrastructure. Additionally, semantic web research paves the way to allow machines to understand and process information. The merge of these two approaches promises to deliver more intelligent and automated systems able to understand the context and behave accordingly. The scope of this work mainly focuses on how to assist systems integrators during the discovery, identification and deployment of new devices in a service-oriented production system. To answer this need, this document presents and describes a semantic SOA approach, comprising a set of distributed components that can be employed in a combined manner to provide a complete range of services to enhance agility at device level during (re)engineering processes. This approach covers several different aspects of service-oriented production systems lifecycle, including the plug and unplug of new devices and services in a heterogeneous environment.
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JournalElsevier Ifac Publications / Ifac Proceedings Series
Issue numberPART 1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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