Seamless Wearable Data Collection in a Mobile Environment

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As the world progresses, technology developments provide innovative approaches to contemporary circumstances. The interest in wearables for health and wellbeing has increased and enabled the growth of digital health solutions. Since data is the foundation for developing eHealth systems and its capabilities, a seamlessly integration of data sources enhances the interoperability between the existing heterogeneous solutions, serving as basis for services that allow monitoring and managing habits that can greatly impact health and wellbeing. Citizen Hub is a mobile application, designed to seamlessly integrate data from wearables and medical devices. Its objective is to allow connecting different devices in an aggregated way and provide feedback and insightful information about wellbeing and health. The collection can be configured, through a straight-forward and clean interface, and uploaded in a structured way to the cloud platforms, enabling additional features and services. Citizen Hub approach thrives to deliver a complete and dynamic solution for ICT interoperability, while maintaining security, trustworthiness and privacy methodologies as well as compatibility with relevant standards. In this paper we explore the development, functionalities and processes (such as BLE Communication and Reverse-Engineering) for the integration of devices.

Original languageEnglish
JournalCEUR Workshop Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 2022
Event2022 Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications Workshops, I-ESA Workshops 2022 - Valencia, Spain
Duration: 23 Mar 202225 Mar 2022


  • data collection
  • data integration
  • digital health
  • eHealth
  • interoperability
  • IoT
  • smart devices


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