ROSSIO Infrastructure is building an open-access and free platform that aims to aggregate, organise and connect digital resources related to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities located in Portuguese educational and cultural institutions. This paper aims to present ROSSIO infrastructure, the institutions involved, its main goals and the services it will provide, such as a discovery portal, exhibitions, collections and a virtual research environment. Underlying these services is a metadata aggregation approach that brings into ROSSIO the metadata on digital objects from the providing institutions. The aggregated dataset is transformed into linked data and enriched with entities from controlled vocabularies, which are defined by ROSSIO. We will detail this process, including the applications employed and how they interoperate. Finally, we will conclusively reflect on the potentialities of these services for public dissemination of science, taking into account the FAIR principles.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2021
EventICTeSSH 2021 - virtual event
Duration: 28 Jun 202130 Jun 2021


ConferenceICTeSSH 2021
Cityvirtual event


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