Regional implications of new U-Pb zircon ages from rhyolitic ignimbritic deposits and andesitic flows of Permo-Carboniferous basins in Southern Pyrenees

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U–Pb geochronology of zircons provides essential data for determining the precise ages and temporal relationships of late Palaeozoic volcanic activity and contributes to improving knowledge of the stratigraphy of the Southern Pyrenees (ca. 304Ma to ca. 282Ma, upper Carboniferous–lower Permian). The reported ages for the Erill-Castell, Estac, Cadí, and Castellar de n’Hug basins fit reasonably well with the time interval of magmatism related to an early north-dipping subduction of the Western Palaeo-Tethys Ocean, the subsequent development of the Iberian orocline (Variscan cycle), and the large-scale bending and blocking of Palaeo-Tethys Oceanlithosphere subduction east of Iberia (Cimmerian cycle) during the complex evolution of Pangaea
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Title of host publicationSTRATI 2013: First International Congress on Stratigraphy:At the Cutting Edge of Stratigraphy
EditorsR Rocha, J Pais, S Finney, J.C. Kullberg
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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