Recording, Publishing, and Reconstructing Wooden Shipwrecks

Luis Filipe Castro, C. Bendig, Marijo Gauthier-Bérubé, R. Borrero, N. Budsberg, C. Dostal, Paulo Alexandre de Paiva Monteiro, C. Smith, R. Torres, K. Yamafune

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Almost three decades ago J. Richard Steffy (in: Tzalas (ed) Tropis II, proceedings of the 2nd international symposium on ship construction in antiquity. Athens, pp 315–320, 1990, in: Tzalas (ed) Tropis III, proceedings of the 3rd international symposium on ship construction in antiquity. Athens, pp 417–428, 1995) voiced the need to standardize the recording and publication of shipwrecks. Cluster analysis of construction features is difficult if archaeologists record different and non-overlapping features. This paper discusses the necessity to standardize the recording and publishing of a set of consistent and compatible basic construction features when archaeologists assess, survey, or excavate wooden shipwrecks and proposes a methodology for the recording of wooden hulls. It also emphasizes the urgency of a wide and complete sharing of archaeological information in maritime archaeology.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)55-66
Number of pages12
JournalJournal Of Maritime Archaeology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Nautical archaeology
  • Standardization
  • Early modern shipwrecks
  • Databases


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