Reasoning and Arguing, Dialectically and Dialogically, Among Individual and Multiple Participants

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Within three of the most well-known contemporary approaches to argumentation, the notions of solo argumentation and arguing with one’s self are given little attention and are typically argued to be able to be subsumed within the dialectical aspects of the approach being propounded. Challenging these claims, this paper has two main aims. The first is to argue that while dialogical argumentation may be most common, there exists individual (monological) dialectical argumentation, which is not so easily subsumed within these theories. Second, in order characterize this type of argumentation the paper also offers distinctions between the interrelated notions of dialectical, dialogical, and quasi-dialogical, reasoning and argumentation, within an individual or between multiple participants, which I hope provide useful precision for the field.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2018


  • Argumentation
  • Dialectical
  • Dialogical
  • Interior argumentation
  • Practical argumentation
  • Reasoning
  • Solo argument


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