Rapid Prototyping of Graphical User Interfaces for Petri-Net-Based Controllers

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This paper describes a tool framework allowing the rapid prototyping of an animated synoptic application associated with an embedded system controller. The motto for developing this tool framework is to be able to automatically generate controllers with associated graphical user interface without writing a line of execution code; instead, the tool framework will provide specific aids allowing the designer to define the controller behavior and associated graphical user interface (including static parts and intended dynamics). The behavior of the controller is described through a low-level Petri nets model, and the tool framework supports the definition of characteristics for the intended graphical user interface and the association of the characteristics of the Petri net behavioral model with specific characteristics of the graphical user interface through a set of dedicated rules. Two main tools are described. The first one, named as "Animator", allows an interactive definition of the graphical characteristics of the synoptic and automatic code generation. The second one, named as "Synoptic", is responsible for the embedded control execution part, integrating real-time up-dating of the graphical user interface. The application of the tool framework to a simple automation system is presented, namely to the controller of a manufacturing system composed by a four cell first-in-first-out system.
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Pages (from-to)1806-1813
JournalIeee Transactions On Industrial Electronics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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