Quatro estudos de caso sobre a música e a identidade em Portugal, Cabo Verde, Moçambique e Brasil

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Identities construction is a process that expresses a way of being in the world in constant motion. This movement of people between rural and urban or between the place of origin and the local host establishes and defines the authenticity of the musical universe with “the music that makes us different from the others” (Stokes 1994). From the triangle Portugal, África and Brazil, we will try to approach the concepts of music and identity and we will present four articles. Two articles are case studies and the other two are studies with field research. Although this four studies are being developed in different geographical locations and different contexts, they have in common culture and portuguese language which, as colonizer, connected to the native cultures thus resulting in different cultural identities. The first part of the article reflects on the Atlantic bridges and on musical identities in Portugal, Cape Verde and Mozambique, in migratory contexts and in back and forth between local host and the place of origin. The second part of article discusses the relationship of identity construction in an “invented” city and the attempt to reconstruct a rural imaginary in an urban space.
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Pages (from-to)130-150
JournalCuadernos de Etnomusicología
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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