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Objective: To evaluate the outcome of pregnancy after uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Design: Retrospective study. Setting: Private hospital affiliated with a university. Patient(s): In a single center, UFE was performed in 74 patients who wanted to become pregnant. Intervention(s): Polyvinyl alcohol particles (PVA) or embozene microspheres were used to embolize the uterine arteries. Enhanced pelvic magnetic resonance was performed before UFE and 6 months after UFE in all patients. Main Outcome Measure(s): The number of pregnancies and their development. Result(s): Of the 74 women who wanted to become pregnant, 44 of them became pregnant (59.5%). There are five (11.3%) ongoing pregnancies and 39 (88.7%) finished pregnancies, with 33 successful live births (84.6%), four spontaneous abortions (10.3%), one induced abortion, and one stillbirth. There were 22 cesarean deliveries (66.6%), two preterm deliveries at 36 weeks (6.1%), and five low birth weights. Conclusion(s): Pregnancy after UFE appears to be safe. (Fertil Steril (R) 2011;95:1121.e5-e8. (c) 2011 by American Society for Reproductive Medicine.)
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Pages (from-to)1121-e5
JournalFertility And Sterility
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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