Preface of the "Symposium on Distribution Theory, Estimation and Inference"

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'Distribution Theory' is here taken in the sense it is used in the books "Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics,Volume 1 - Distribution Theory" (6th ed.) by Alan Stuart and Keith Ord, or "Advances in Distribution Theory, OrderStatistics and Infrence", edited by N. Balakrishnan, Enrique Castillo and Jose-Maria Sarabia, as the area in Statisticswhich deals with all aspects of the study of statistical distributions. Multivariate Analysis, Linear and Non-linearModels, Order Statistics and Extreme Value Theory are key areas where works on the study of the exact, asymptoticor near-exact distributions of the associated test statistics and parameter estimators is of major importance. Not to beleft out is also the study and development of nonparametric tests and associated statistics, namely their behavior whendifferent underlying population distributions are assumed. It was in all these areas that this Symposium was able tocongregate a number of interesting presentations, the most of them brought by young statisticians.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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