Power converter interfaces for electrochemical energy storage systems – A review

V. Fernao Pires, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto, João Francisco Alves Martins

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Energy storage concept that supports important technologies for electrical systems is well established and widely recognized. Several energy storage techniques are available, including an electrochemical energy storage system used to support electrical systems. These storage systems require interfaces based on power electronic converters for interconnection with an electrical system. This paper reviews the literature covering the various types of interfaces developed for electrochemical energy storage systems. Different electrochemical energy storage devices and their specificities regarding to integration with the electrical systems are described. . The various power converter interfaces that can be used for electrochemical energy storage systems are presented. These interfaces have been divided into standard, multilevel and multiport technology. The main characteristics and specificity of each topology considering its application to electrochemical energy storage systems are presented. The review also covers the smart storage concept and the requirements of the interface to integrate the electrochemical energy storage devices upon this concept.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)453-475
JournalEnergy Conversion And Management
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2014


  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Power converter interfaces
  • Smart storage
  • Topologies


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