Portuguese public services: past experiences and new trends in management

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Abstract - In modern societies, the pace of change is increasing and new needs are emerging in the supply and demand of public services. These dynamics have moved, from a bureaucratic and closed management model to a more open, diversified, participatory and simplified one. The recent economic and financial crisis has further shaped the supply and demand of public services, leading to a spatial reorganisation of the public services network and increasing the importance of innovation in the provision of public services. In a context where public policies face new and more complex challenges, we show that territory assumes a critical role.
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Title of host publicationERSA 54th Congress, 26-29 de Agosto, Saint Petersburg, proceedings
Place of PublicationSaint Petersburg
PublisherThe European Regional Science Association (ERSA)
ISBN (Print)978-5-85263-242-5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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