Portuguese Handwriting 16th-19th c.

Hervé Baudry, Marize Helena de Campos , Natália Casagrande Salvador, Leonor Dias Garcia, Jorge Ferreira Paulo, Susana Tavares Pedro, Pereira Maria Olinda Alves, Suzana Maria de Souza Santos Severs, Margarida Dias da Silva, Mário Soares, Carla Vieira

Research output: Other contribution


This is a generic model created in the framework of the TraPrInq Project (01.2022 to 07.2023) funded by the FCT (Portuguese Agency for Scientific Research), by a Luso-Brazilian team of paleographers. This HTR-model is based on the trial records of the Portuguese Inquisition produced between 1536 (some documents even before) and 1821. It contains a careful transcription of 6226 pages (Validation Set: 505 p; Training Set: 5721 p) extracted from 830 processes, mainly by the Lisbon court, with a total of 1268040 words (VS: 107760 words; TS: 1160280).
Digitized files can be found on the search portal of the Portuguese National Archive (Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, Lisbon). The model proved its efficacy with documents from non-inquisitorial areas.
The transcription reproduces the spelling of words and abbreviations, uses special characters for baseline abbreviation signs and a single COMBINING MACRON for all superscript abbreviation signs, and modernises word separation.
Original languageEnglish
TypeHTR Model for automatic transcription
Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2023


  • HTR Model
  • Digital Palaeography


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