Imaging spectroscopy answers to acid mine drainage detection at S. Domingos, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal

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The application of Imaging Spectroscopy (IS) to Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) detection has been mostly based on specific mineralogical mapping from spectral libraries or on field spectra derived information. This work presents the mapping results obtained using field spectra and other mapping where a multi-source spectral methodology mapped the area in terms of high correlation of mineralogical assemblages related to low pH. The case study is the S. Domingos Mine, a paradigmatic example of AMD due to long term exploration dating back to pre-roman times, where in modern times mining lasted for more than a century ceasing in 1966. Throughout the mine’s lifetime the major mined elements varied from Cu, Au, Ag and Fe, to dominant Cu and S near the end. The comparison of the two maps depicts the improvement given by a multi-source spectral methodology, by isolating copiapite (coquimbite) (alunite) as mineralogical assemblages of low pH at correlations above 0.9.
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JournalComunicações Geológicas
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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