Phytoremediation Response of Arundo Donax in Soils Contaminated with Lead

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Arundo donax is a woodyr hizomatousgrass. It is a perennial plant, and both the stems and leaves of the crop can be harvested annually. It is characterized by relatively high yields, high water and nitrogen efficiencies and an apparently low susceptibility to pests and diseases. Abandoned intensive farmland for perennial grasses is considered to have a meaningful potential. Likewise, landfills, areas polluted by mining and industrial activities or sediment depositions might be occupied with perennial grasses with the ability to take up and accumulate or degrade recalcitrant contaminants such as heavy metals. So, phytoremediation, the use of vegetation for the decontamination of polluted soils, is a not very expensive strategy and has been presented as an approach to restore or attenuate and stabilize contaminated sites while bringing additional revenue to owners. In this context, this research work aims to study the phytoremediation response of Arundo to soils contaminated with lead (450 and 900 mg dry matter) under different irrigation regimes (950, 475 and 238 mm). Results showed that growth and biomass productivity of Arundo, were negatively affected by the lead contamination, especially with 950mm and 475mm irrigation regimes. With 238 mm, there were seen no effects. The reduction of water added also affected negatively the biomass productivity. Biomass obtained in Pb contaminated soils presented higher ash content then biomass from non­contaminated soils, especially with the full irrigation (950mm).Biomass obtained in Pb contaminated soils presented significantly higher lead content then biomass from non-contaminated soils, especially the leaves fraction, thus showing phytoextraction and accumulation capacity.
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Title of host publicationEuropean Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Pages385 - 387
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013
Event21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Setting the course for a Biobased Economy -
Duration: 1 Jan 2013 → …


Conference21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Setting the course for a Biobased Economy
Period1/01/13 → …

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