Particles from gas-saturated solutions and related methods for particle engineering

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provides information on one of themost promising methods for particle engineeringusing supercritical fluids- Particles from gas saturatedsolutions (PGSS) and derived methods. The authorsclearly described the basic principles, the modelingprocess, related methods and their application inpharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical field. Thischapter presents an overview of the basic principlesof the method, several developments that were furtherundertaken, and a compilation of different examplesand systems.
Original languageUnknown
Title of host publicationCurrent trends of the supercritical fluid technology in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food processing industries
EditorsR.C. Duarte, C.M. Duarte
Place of PublicationBussum
PublisherBentham Science Publishers
PagesChapter 4
ISBN (Print)978-1-60805-046-8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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