Outdoor education and interdisciplinarity: a connection between science and mother tongue

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The study plans of the courses for Primary School Teachers in the Lisbon Higher School of Education include a curricular unit designed "Projects of Curricular Integration between Science and Mother Tongue". Their main goal is to develop interdisciplinarity reflection, discussion and didactic proposals between these two subjects. In the final session of the unit, in the last two school years, a questionnaire about interdisciplinarity was administered to the 37 students that chose it, in order to identify, among other aspects, the advantages and potentialities of this type of knowledge articulation. Fourteen educational resources designed by the students to explore Nacional Tapada of Mafra were also analyzed. The results showed that the majority of the students tend to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinarity in promoting meaningful learning and in the perception that knowledge is interconnected. Concerning the educational resources, the students explore mainly scientific vocabulary and the use of description and expository text, regularly used in outdoor tasks.


  • Interdisciplinariedad
  • Lengua materna
  • Ciencia
  • Educación superior

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