Os juízes de fora na época moderna. Porta de entrada ou núcleo duro dos lugares de letras?

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This study addresses the universe of literate justice in the modern period from the lowest level, corresponding to juízes de fora, to the Supreme Courts. We next focus our analysis on royally appointed local judicatures, seeking to capture the pace of their territorial expansion and to characterise the careers of their human workforce, connecting them with the hierarchy of the places where they were sent.
I. INTRODUCTION; II - THE UNIVERSE OF LITERATE JUSTICE; 2.1. The structuring; 2.2.The cursus honorum of its members; 2.3.The evolution of the network of local judicatures; 2.4.The hierarchies of municipalities; III –THE CENTRAL MANAGEMENT OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM: 3.1. The recruitment of magistrates; 3.2. The different careers: IV. CONCLUSIONS.
Keywords: juízes de fora; Modern Period.;
Original languagePortuguese
JournalE-legal History Review
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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