Da comunicabilidade do juízo estético

Translated title of the contribution: On the comunicability of aesthetic judgment

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This article analyzes the possibility of transmission of taste through aesthetic judgment, which is certainly one of the greatest challenges of arts teaching and aesthetic education. From where does come this difficulty of communication? What are the factors involved? Which aesthetic experience can the teacher convey and what are the limits of this type of feelings' transfer? Clarifying these issues, we suppose to contribute to arts education and to find specific practices that could be called "communication of taste." The analysis of Kant's thought on the matter proves to be an essential part of that contributing. Based on Deleuze and Lyotard, we will analyze the notions of meaning in general and common sense, the communicability of aesthetics critique and the broad-minded thought.
Translated title of the contributionOn the comunicability of aesthetic judgment
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)341-354
Number of pages12
JournalETD - Educação Temática Digital
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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