On the classification and management of Virtual Organisation Breeding Environments

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Wide variety of domains and applications have identified the need for collaboration among heterogeneous, autonomous and geographically disperse organisations. Virtual Organisations (VOs) represent a main form of network for goal-oriented and opportunity driven collaborations. Effective creation of dynamic VOs requires proper breeding environments. After introducing the base for collaborative-networked organisations, the concept of breeding environment for virtual organisations is presented, key elements of this environment are identified, and a semi-typology is established. Furthermore, the requirements for a Virtual organisations Breeding Environment (VBE) support management system are addressed, identifying its initial information/knowledge modelling needs and functionalities, towards a new generation of information systems for collaborative environments.
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Pages (from-to)234
JournalInternational Journal Of Information Technology And Management
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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