Oeiras Masterplan: A Methodology to Aproach Urban Design to Sustainable Development

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This paper describes a new methodology for the conception of urban plans in order for them to fit the principles of Sustainable Development. The methodology herein presented makes use of different software for designing, calculations and dynamic modelling of buildings and urban spaces. The results from these assessments are then interpreted and incorporated in the urban design solutions. This methodology was applied in a case study in Oeiras, Portugal, in the conception phases of the Oeiras Master Plan. The overall objective of the implementation of this process in this case study was to be able to foresee the area’s final makeover and predict the impacts of the plan on the context through the integrated use of environmental analysis (ArcGIS), simulations of future scenarios (3dsMax) and 3d modelling studies (Revit, Ecotect). Factors such as geomorphology, solar exposure, prevailing winds and rail and road traffic noise provided information on how to capitalize all favourable conditions of the site, which is a fundamental base for an appropriate land use transformation. This methodology contributes to the control of urban design solutions and outcomes, and promotes the creation of an interface between urban planning, landscape and architecture projects. The development of a “City Information Modelling”, similar to BIM, which has been successfully applied to Architecture and Engineering projects, is therefore seen as an answer to the new challenges presented by the present and future cities. This strategy delivers the maximum benefits at all spatial scales by embracing the logic of sustainability so that urban design can be the first tool to optimize future building and infrastructure projects.
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Title of host publicationCISBAT 2011: Cleantech for Sustainable Buildings: From Nano to Urban Scale: vols. 1 and 2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011
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ConferenceCISBAT 2011
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