Observatory for Tourism of Serra da Estrela-a tool for sustainable tourism in Serra da Estrela

Research output: Working paper


In tourism new technologies have led to major alterations, leading to changes in the approach to information flow and needs, as well as the ways of its management, due to the high volume of data that needs to be processed and released. Thus, the information management in companies and institutions connected with Tourism is crucial to its success, with a progressive increase in the exchange of knowledge on the Internet. The Observatory for Tourism of Serra da Estrela (OTSE) is based on the creation of a technological platform that will allow the sharing of information efficiently and economically. It should be noted that the philosophy, structure and organization of this Observatory will be marked by basic scientific studies of the tourism sector in the region of Serra da Estrela and the production of critical information for the tourism industry in the evaluation and progressive monitoring of the dynamics of supply and demand. This observatory is looking for at the same time, to cooperate with tourism partners to facilitate or enable the solving of action strategies, which encourage tourist attractiveness, more products’ dynamics, generate business initiatives, strengthen natural and cultural identities and identify trends
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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