The COST Action FA0905 "Mineral-improved crop production for healthy food and feed," sponsored by the European Science Foundation, aims to develop strategies for biofortification of staple foods, such as Fe and Zn, for populations with low financial resources and severe shortages nutrition. This project attaches the importance to the serious nutritional deficiencies in Fe, that in Africa reaches most of the population, as well as the serious deficiencies in the dietary of Zn that is also estimated in 25-33% in developing countries. Adopting the perspective of the COST Action FA0905, this communication will consider the technical and scientific methodology that may facilitate the development of biofortified wheat flour in both Fe and Zn for people with low economic power in developing countries. In this context, sequential strategies associated with plant fertilization, location and deposition of macro and microelements, mobilization of photoassimilates, nutritional value of the wheat seeds, as well as the bioavailability characteristics of the biofortified wheat flour in the human body are considered.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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