O Hospital Real de Todos os Santos e o terramoto de 1755

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All Saints Royal Hospital, founded by king João II in Lisbon on 15 May 1492, became since the beginning an essencial instituition in the assistence´s reform process iniciated by the portuguese crown in the last quarter of the fifteenth-century.
The “esprital grande de Lixboa” will have collapsed in 1755, being the great earthquake appointed as the only and determinant reason for its disappearance. This way of thinking, settled in the eighteenth-century rhetoric, in which the traditional historiography reverberated, is questionable when confronted with the significant number of documents available.
The hospital of the poors presence in the daily life of the post earthquake city is, in our opinion, clear and documented. Approach the two decades that followed this catastrophe, trying to understand the circumstances that assured this institution activity and how Pombal´s reformist thougth evolved, it´s what we propose.
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)307-333
Number of pages27
JournalMátria XXI
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - May 2018


  • Welfare
  • 1755 Earthquake
  • Lisbon
  • All Saints Royal Hospital
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