O futuro do passado / condicional: elementos para um estudo diacrónico

Translated title of the contribution: O futuro do passado / condicional: elements for a diachronic study

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The work proposed here has as general objective to contribute to a characterization of the values ​​expressed by the "futuro do passado / condicional" (COND) in past sentences of Portuguese, hoping to provide some relevant elements for the diachronic study of this verbal paradigm.
I will synthesize some data on the formation of Romance languages ​​(section 1) and briefly describe their functioning in the contemporary language (Section 2). The central section of the paper (section 3) presents and describes occurrences of COND using data collected in texts from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. On the latter aspect, I intend to include in my study data that contribute to clarify the relation / contrast between COND and the simple past-perfect (section 4),
Translated title of the contributionO futuro do passado / condicional: elements for a diachronic study
Original languagePortuguese
Title of host publicationEstudos sobre o verbo em português
Subtitle of host publicationvalores, marcas e construções
EditorsA.L. Barros, M.T. Brocardo
Place of PublicationJoão Pessoa/Brazil
Number of pages22
ISBN (Print)978-85-463-0073-0
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Diachronic study
  • Old Portuguese
  • Verbal tenses
  • Conditional
  • If clauses
  • Past tenses
  • Conditional sentenses


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