Neural Network-based Framework for Data Stream Mining

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We address the problem of mining data streams using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Usual data stream clustering models (eg. k-means) are too de- pendent on assumptions regarding cluster statistical properties (ie. number of clus- ters, cluster shape), while unsupervised ANN algorithms (Adaptive Resonant The- ory — ART networks and Self-Organizing Maps — SOM) are recognized widely by their ability to discover hidden patterns, generalization capabilities and robust- ness to noise. However, use of ANNs with the data stream model is still poorly ex- plored. We propose a methodology and modular framework to cluster data streams and extract other relevant knowledge. Empirical results with both synthetic and real data provide evidence of the validity of the approach.
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Title of host publicationFrontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-61499-096-3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012
EventECAI - European Conference on Artificial Inteligence -
Duration: 1 Jan 2012 → …


ConferenceECAI - European Conference on Artificial Inteligence
Period1/01/12 → …

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