MWeb: A principled framework for modular web rule bases and its semantics

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We present a principled framework for modular web rule bases, called MWeb. According to this framework, each predicate defined in a rule base is characterized by its defining reasoning mode, scope, and exporting rule base list. Each predicate used in a rule base is characterized by its requesting reasoning mode and importing rule base list. For legal MWeb modular rule bases S, the MWebAS and MWebWFS semantics of each rule base s $ın$ S w.r.t. S are defined model-theoretically. These semantics extend the answer set semantics (AS) and the well-founded semantics with explicit negation (WFSX) on ELPs, respectively, keeping all of their semantical and computational characteristics. Our framework supports: (i) local semantics and different points of view, (ii) local closed-world and open-world assumptions, (iii) scoped negation-as-failure, (iv) restricted propagation of local inconsistencies, and (v) monotonicity of reasoning, for fully shared predicates.
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Pages (from-to)Article \#17, 41 pages
JournalAcm Transactions On Computational Logic
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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